High speed and aerobatic flights with modified Dynam Hawk Sky


So I have been experimenting a lot lately with my Hawk Sky and especially since upgrading to the Microjet V3 motor, clipping the wings, and extending the control surfaces.  This thing screams now!  The performance is spectacular compared to stock and so much fun in the air.  There a few more things that I want to try with this bird as well including changing out the electronics to something a little more sophisticated as currently I am still running the stock receiver/transmitter and servos.  However, they work for now and are doing the job in testing out some of the other mods.

The thing about this motor that I really like is how punchy it is.  In any position with the plane, you can punch the left stick and do just about anything you want to do with it.  Also impressive is the all around great characteristics of this plane.  Even with the wings clipped, this plane still has great floating characteristics.  You just about have to give it full down on the right stick to get it to descend.  It just wants to fly and stay in the air which is great.  To me, the motor upgrade and wing shortening has made this plane MORE stable than the stock version.  It just does extremely well at the higher speeds and feels like that is what the plane "likes."

Check out the video below of one of the first flights with the modifications in place.  There was quite a bit of breeze this day with a solid 10-12 mph wind out of the South.  However, the modified Hawk Sky cuts through the wind very well.  I have been placing the battery even a bit more forward with the winds we have had lately and it slices and dices.  No complaints here.  I will keep everyone posted on additional tweaks or things that I stumble on in my trial and errors.