Upgrading the motor on your TechOne Popwing and other mods


I am loving my new TechOne popwing and have really been wearing this one out in the sky.  Most of you are going to want to upgrade the stock setup at some point.  The T-motor 2208 is a decent motor for the popwing, but most intermediate to advanced pilots are going to get bored with the performance and want more from this plane.  I had a Grayson Hobby Microjet V3 on my modified Hawk that I wanted to try on this plane.  There wasn't really any general information out there yet of a solid motor choice for the bigger popwing, so I wanted to experiment first with the MJ.

The performance on the popwing with the MJ is really a world of difference from the standard T-motor that comes with this plane.  The MJ has plenty of power to go vertical on a fresh battery and push this plane probably in the 60 mph range with no other mods.  I am also using the ESC that came with the MJ which is just a standard 20 AMP ESC and with this motor I am also using 2200 mAh Lipos instead of the 1300 mAh lipos that I was running with the T-motor.  The Microjet definitely drains the battery much quicker than the T-motor, but it is so powerful compared to stock, you will be happy at half throttle or less just doing general flying, so in that way you are probably going to conserve battery life.  Running the bigger batteries will make for having to cut out a bigger tray for the battery to sit in as the stock cutout is not large enough for the bigger 3S lipos.

The glide slope is amazing with the popwing.  If you have a little bit of head wind, you can basically come from a 60 mph full power run and come to a stand still and the plane looks like it just sits in the air with no help at all from control surfaces besides just a little bit of UP on the stick.

Also, I detail this in the video, but I have made some other cuts in the plane due to propeller damage from the T-motor and also a chunk that was lost in a crash I took an razor blade and smoothed out the curve on the winglets on my plane just to make things look good again.

Hand catching is a breeze with this plane and it is definitely what I recommend doing for all your landings especially after you upgrade to a motor of your choice that uses a more permanent and unforgiving metal shaft and collet type retainer that would be easily bent in a hard landing with power on into the ground.  Simply power off at a good glide slope away from you and try of course to come at yourself with the wind behind you moving towards the plane which helps to slow things down.  The best hand catches for me have me bringing the plane in and actually get it lower than I want and then using a lot of UP on the elevons, really swoop the plane up towards you which makes the catch very slow and easy to land.

This is an all around really great plane from TechOne and if you are wanting to get into delta wing aircraft, this plane is a great way to get started.  Leave me some comments below on your mods to your popwings and also what motor combinations you guys are using out there.  This is a great way to get the information out there to ones who may need to know what works and doesn't work when it comes to upgrading their popwings.