Thunderpower AC680 Charger Video Review


Hey guys, just wanted to write up a quick post to review the AC680 LiPo battery charger that I have been using along with another charger that I will be reviewing soon from Common Sense RC.  The Thuderpower AC680 is a great charger that can be bought very cheaply from Hobbypartz.c0m that has a lot of great features for ones who might be looking for their first real lipo charger aside from the chargers that come with many of the RTF packages that can be bought.  This charger can charge many different types of batteries as well besides lipos, including, LIFE, NiCad, and NiMH.  Along with the variety of batteries, it also balance charges as well, so you can make sure that all cells of your lipo are evenly charged which extends performance and the life of your batteries.  You can also discharge your batteries for storage or cycling them as well with this charger.

Another very nice thing about this charger is that the power supply is built-in.  You don't have to go out and buy a separate power supply.  It comes ready to plugin to a standard AC power outlet right out of the box which is nice!  I have used this charger to charge through a tremendous amount of cycles so far and haven't had any issues with it.  Again, this is a great unit for someone who is looking to be able to charge their RC batteries of many difference types and configurations and I highly recommend it as either someone's primary unit, or an additional unit to charge one's stock of batteries.