Monsterjet motor running on a 4 cell LiPo powering the “Monster” Hawk


Hey guys, just wanted to update you guys on my "Monster" Hawk project.  After building this plane, I have been running it on 2200 mAh LiPos and it flies great.  I saw a video though from the RC Foamfighters guys (great videos by the way and awesome planes!) and they showed their scratchbuild running on a 4 cell LiPo with awesome speed results!  I have been feeling the need to push the envelope with this plane, so I just recently got in my 4 cell LiPos from Hobby King.

I am running a Turnigy 2200 mAh Lipo 65C battery.  However, after getting the 2200's in, I think this plane would handle better with an 1800 mAh battery or something around that range.  It flies great in a straight line, but the beefy 4 cell makes the handling, turning, and climbing a little squishy feeling and it feels quite a bit less responsive than the 3 cell for maneuvering.  I still love this plane though on a 4 cell.  Let me know if you guys have been running any of your planes with the Monsterjet motor on a 4 cell and what your thoughts are.

Grayson Hobby has not rated the Monsterjet motor for a 4 cell, but I have quite a few flights on this combo so far and have had no problems with it.  The motor stays relatively cool, and after widening the air vents on the canopy, the battery stays cool as well.