TechOne Venus 3D Pro maiden flight video


You guys have already seen the overview video I posted on the TechOne Venus.  I was able to get some video of flight with this plane yesterday.  The quality of the video didn't turn out very good as the camera had a hard time staying focused in properly.  Also, I am a newbie 3D pilot and have a lot of practicing to do on the simulator and behind the real sticks before I get good at demonstrating what this plane can do.  Even with an inexperienced pilot, this plane is very forgiving and floats nicely.

If you are looking to get into 3D flying, I would definitely recommend this plane as a good place to start.  I mentioned this on my previous video/post, but I dialed in 70% EXPO on all control surfaces just to continue to get used to its performance and responsiveness.  I think I may dial this back about 10% on the next flight and that will probably feel just about right for me.  Each pilot will have to judge for themselves depending on their skill level as well as which radio they are using.

You will also see that I am using a rubber band to hold the canopy on.  I have yet to make additional room for the 800 mAh battery that I am flying on.  They recommend 200-650 and I didn't realize that until I had already purchased my 2 cells.  All in all though, the 800 mAh battery performs great and I haven't noticed any negative characteristics because of the tiny bit of extra weight from the bigger battery.The downside is that the canopy doesn't want to shut with the fatter battery so I am using the rubber band.  This also creates a vibrating sound that makes you think the prop is out of balance, but you are hearing the rubber band vibrating in the prop wash.

Take a look at the flight video below.  Let me know what you guys have experienced with your TechOne Venus planes/mods, etc.