How to repair EPO foam wing using Dollartree foamboard


Hey everyone.  It has been a while since my last post on RCAirspace.  Just had a lot of things going on lately, but I am looking to get back to posting regular content on the site.  I have been getting to fly a good amount lately, but a few nights ago, I had to fish my Monster Hawk out of a tree when I misjudged my depth of field late one evening as the sun was to my back.  Needless to say, my plane was actually in perfect condition aside from a notch that was beat in the starboard side due to one of the limbs the plane came in contact with on its way in.  Luckily too, I was not under power when the plane hit the tree as I had actually made a turn for final in the yard.

Repair Ideas
In looking at the wing, I thought that I might simply cut another piece of foam out of a retired hawk that I had laid aside some time ago, however after continuing to look into that, I quickly decided that would be easier said than done and matching the pieces up would be difficult.
Upon looking around the garage, I saw an "Armin" wing that I had built when practicing build techniques pioneered by Ed from Experimental Airlines which uses Dollar Tree foam board to make a true airfoiled wing.  I then had the idea to cut a notch out of the Armin wing and literally glue in this piece in a prepared, cleaned out notch that I cut with a razor blade out of my Monster hawk.  The camber line of the two wings were very close.  After notching the Hawk wing and then preparing the Armin piece, the two mated up perfectly.  In addition to running a fine bead of hot glue to secure it in place, I took a piece of Duct tape and taped over the outside of the repair just to make sure it was secure and to waterproof the Dollar Tree foam as it doesn't take any kind of moisture very well if you happen to land in dew or if the grass is wet at all.
The pics below were taken from my cell phone and the repair is a bit difficult to see, but underneath the duct tape on the wing leading edge is the curved armin wing dollar tree repair section.
Armin wing that pieces were cut from



After using hot glue to patch the pieces in


As you can see, I used some white duct tape to finish out the repair making it more durable and water resistant