New Spektrum DX9 Release date


Well, we imagine and have already seen a mass sell off of DX8 radios both at hobby shops as well as individual radio owners at clubs, as Spektrum has announced the release of a new radio that will bridge the gap between the DX8 and the DX18 radios - the DX9.

This radio looks to be a very innovative creation from Spektrum including voice alerts, improved telemetry data, forward programming, and 250 model memory just to name a few!  The styling, look, and feel of the radio looks to be very similar to the DX18 with the stubbier improved performance antenna, quad bearing gimbals, and comfortable grips.

This transmitter is simply packed with new age features.  With the voice alerts you now have an audible co-pilot at your side as the radio can be programmed to call out hundreds of voice alerts depending on what you desire - making the simple beeping or vibration look archaic by comparison.  Along with the voice alerts, you can record telemetry data and actually watch this on a iPhone or iPad with an accessory port interface and free app.  Spektrum will likely release more details on the forward programming feature but in short they say it will allow direct programming of new Spektrum components directly from the DX9.

The 250 model memory feature is really mind boggling.  Most of us will never need to exceed that amount of available storage on our transmitters.  This amount of built-in memory takes the level of storage and setups to a whole new level!

Another really cool feature is the wireless trainer links as you and your buddy will no longer have to have a hard cable between your radios to implement the "buddy box" feature.  The wireless trainer feature means that your DX9 can also bind to the Spektrum receiver in your friends plane and allow both radios to control the aircraft for training purposes.

The DX9 is compatible with any Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX receiver and with the future airware updates, new receiver technologies and other advances will easily be brought to the DX9.

The release date of the DX9 is due to be in mid September.  I will keep the post updated if we have a firm date.