New Techone Popwing V2 to be released soon


I don't know if you guys have seen on Nitroplanes channel the new version 2 of the popular Techone Popwing which looks to be in preproduction form.  The wing definitely looks different and maybe a bit more radical, but it almost looks like they took the design from their Neptune line on the lines of the plane.  There are two vertical stabilizers in the middle rear of the wing and then much smaller side force generators/winglets on the ends of the wings.


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It looks like from the Nitroplanes video that the wing tracks very well and is pretty fast, however, there were no details as to the power system on this one.  My suspicions are though they will most likely upgrade the power system and boost performance on this wing compared to version 1.  Again the similarities to the Neptune which we have pictured below are pretty striking.  Maybe TechOne took a lesson from something they learned on the Neptune and implemented these in the new version of the Popwing.  I am interested to see if the addition of the two vertical stabilizers in the the middle fuselage of the plane makes a difference in stability and other flight characteristics as again the video really looks like it tracks extremely well.

Picture courtesy of Techone Hobby

I know I really have enjoyed my version one popwing and I am axious to get my hands on the next version of this Wing as if it is anything like the first generation, it will no doubt be a hit for TechOne and be a great "go to" wing if you are wanting to have some serious elevon fun.  Check out the teaser video from Nitroplanes on this next version of the Popwing below which they describe as preproduction footage and also no word on a release date as of yet: