Programming Grayson Hobby 70 AMP ESC


In my quest to squeeze every last bit of performance out of my Grayson Hobby Monsterjet motor, I started looking at making sure my ESC settings were set to optimal settings for the monsterjet.  I have learned a few lessons in looking at the ESC and timing - don't just assume your settings from the factory are set to the best settings for your motor.  After all, an ESC can potentially be used on a wide range of different motors and setups, so not every setup will be best suited to the default settings.

I have had a few hiccups if you will in the performance of my monsterjet and various batteries on my "Monster" Hawk.  I really hadn't thought to check the timing on my ESC, which is definitely a rookie mistake.  I should've looked and the default settings.  In taking a look at the ESC, it is set by default to lower timing.  The monsterjet motor performs much better on high timing.

Programming the ESC is not too difficult.  The main thing it requires is a little bit of time and GOOD documentation, which fortunately Grayson Hobby has on their website for the particular ESC I am using.  It looks to be a relabeled Welguard ESC.  The document link can be found here for programming instructions:

Basically, all that you have to do is:

  • Turn on your transmitter first
  • Move the throttle stick to full throttle
  • Plug in your battery to your ESC
  • You should hear the normal musical tones at first, however, you will start hearing a repeating menu of options which are signified by musical tones and various numbers of beeps
  • The differing numbers of beeps identify the different menu options.
  • When you hear the menu option you want to program, you move the throttle down to half throttle and that selects the option
  • Then you will hear differing beeps for the "sub" options.  When you hear the option you want, you move the throttle back to full throttle.  This selects and saves that option and then returns you to the main menu.
  • When you are finished programming the various options, move the throttle back down to its lowest position and this saves all options.  The ESC and motor will now initialize and arm as normal.

I just reprogrammed the ESC to fast timing this morning and haven't had a chance yet to see what if any difference in performance it may make with my speed runs.  I am hopeful it might make even a slight difference and at the very least take care of the bogs I have been hearing every once in a while.  It may require more experimentation to get the right settings totally dialed in for this motor, prop, and ESC.  I will keep you guys posted as I am able to test and any tweaks that I make.