How to keep up with LiPo usage with QR code scanning


Being a self proclaimed tech guy and an avid RC enthusiast, I am constantly looking for new apps and ways to integrate technology with this awesome hobby that we all enjoy.  I found an app for Android users in the Google Play store that is probably one of the best RC logging apps for free (and paid for that matter) that I have found.  The app is called RC-Log and is found in the Google Play store.  This app logs your flights, models, statistics and also uses Google Maps to display thousands of flight locations and fields.


One of the handiest and coolest features to me about this app is the QR scanning capability.  The problem with many of the apps is that well, if they are more hassle than they are worth to actually enter the information, you probably won't do a good job of using them.  Logging is only as good as the information that is provided.  The RC-Log app utilizes QR scanning or "quick response" scanning to quickly select and input the information you want to input.  This saves the hassle of selecting the right battery and entering the information.  You simply download the QR scanner the app uses and download the sheet of barcodes from's website.  Then as in my case, I simply cut out the bar codes, taped them on the backs of my lipos with clear packing tape so my phone can scan them, and Voila! You have a functioning scanning system for your batteries!