Durafly EFX Racer Overview


Well, being the RC speed freak that I am, I have had my eye on the Durafly EFX speed racer from Hobbyking for a while.  I recently pulled the trigger on this model and received it in just a couple of days ago.  After the unboxing and build, I want to give you guys my thoughts on the plane itself.  So far I have not been able to maiden the plane due to weather, but hopefully that will happen in the next few days.

Overview Thoughts

I was very impressed with how the EFX racer arrived.  The box was exceptionally nice and everything was packaged extremely well.


One thing I noticed was the quality of the packaged materials as well as the quantity.  Durafly gives you some extra components which is always nice if you lose a screw, etc.  

Again, as you can see a really nice part of the PNF kit is you get multiple bags of components so you can have extras.


The wing section comes in one piece so there is nothing to glue or bolt together.  The main wing section is extremely tough and has multiple carbon rods running through.  You can tell they really built the components for speed and high G sustainability.


A look at the main fuselage section laid out with the main wing.


Really nice high quality lines on this plane.  I love the chopped low profile look of the canopy on this racer.  Decals were already preinstalled on the fuselage, wing, etc.


The servos in the main wing section for the ailerons are metal gear servos.  They come with these little unique plastic keeper snaps that snap in place and hold everything on the servo linkages in place.  These little plastic keepers are kind of tough to snap in place, but it makes me feel better about them staying in place in high MPH and high G flying.


Another look at the pushrods and the plastic keeper hanging off.


The aileron servos are connected using a "Y" servo harness which is included in the PNF kit.


A look at the plane from the front once I had everything together for the most part.


This is a quick photo of the tail section.  Very high quality feel to the horizontal stabilizer and the snaps that hold it in place.


Final Build and Overview thoughts

If I had to choose one word to describe the build and overview of the Durafly EFX racer from Hobbyking, I would say that "quality".  This is one of the best "feeling" and looking PNF models I have purchased.  Everything went together as expected.  The build is super easy and has very little separate pieces to put together.  The connections were very solid and all the components had a sturdy and precise feel to them.  I have yet to maiden this plane as of yet, but I am sure the flight review is going to be just as pleasing as the build and initial overview of the plane.