How to upgrade to Realflight 7.5


***UPDATE*** - As of 11/3/2014, I started receiving sales bulletins from various RC vendors concerning Realflight 7.5.  I quickly checked my Beta version of 7.5 and I received a message about my updates being switched back over to the Public site from the Beta repository I was on after going through the procedure below.  I am guessing this means the public version of 7.5 is now available and all you need to do now is run a regular update on your RF 7 to pull down version 7.5.  Post a comment below if you find otherwise.


Well, not long ago the exciting news broke that Realflight 7.5 was announced.  While the public download or upgrade has not been pushed out as of yet it appears that the beta version of 7.5 can be downloaded with a few easy steps from the launcher.

Perform the following steps to obtain the update:

  1. Start the RealFlight 7 Launcher
  2. Click Additional Options, then Technical Support
  3. Click Enter Tech Support Code
  4. Enter the following code: B#f73q8355c95c (If successful, you will see a message saying "You are now registered to use the Public Beta site until the new version is posted to official download site.")
  5. Go back to the main Launcher menu and click Registration/Updates
  6. Make sure that in the bottom left corner it says Temporary Public Beta. If not, try reentering the code
  7. Click Update to Latest Version; alternatively, click Update to Specific Version, choose 7.50.011 from the list, and click OK.

The LauncherHelper will need to restart partway through this process. Answer "Yes" when it asks if you want to continue downloading the new version. When this process is finished, you will have the latest available version of RealFlight 7.

Take a look at the screenshots I captured when performing the above steps to download the 7.5 beta version.


Granted I have not spent a lot of time on the 7.5 beta version since updating, however, the gameplay for me has been very smooth so far.  I have not had any issues with crashes or glitches on my Dell Precision laptop.  There are quite a few more multirotors to choose from and I have noticed new planes and other helis however, I don't think they have released an official listing of all the models that will be in the RTM version of the software.  One thing is for certain - RealFlight keeps getting better and better and giving us a more realistic flying experience with each new version.

For me, it is the standard of computer simulator software and what I base the others off of.  I feel like I have benefited greatly in using a simulator to augment my normal flying practice with my planes.  With winter weather coming upon us soon, I am sure my simulator will be getting more and more use in the weeks to come!