Hello, fellow RC enthusiasts, "RCtechguy" here.  RC Flight is one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, and also challenging hobbies that you can enjoy.  I am an IT professional by day trade and  love tinkering around with gadgets and technology.  With that being said, one of the exhilerating things I love about the RC hobby is that technology is truly an integral part of how these amazing flying machines work!  Especially in the the electric flight realm, innovations in batteries, speed controllers, telemetry, gyros and other stabilization boards along with GPS have made it so that just about anyone can fly an RC plane and enjoy doing it.  RCAirspace.com is my contribution to sharing tips, tricks, failures, challenges, etc, in enjoying this hobby that I have faced and hopefully much of which will be useful to you guys.

I welcome and ask that you post meaningful comments to any of the posts that I have posted on the site.  I want the site to be a resource for others to learn and getting comments and contributions from you guys is important to that mission.  Also, there is a Forum on the site as well.  We don't have much content there as of now but I would like to see it grow.

Please subscribe to the rctechguy channel on Youtube,.  Also, be sure and post to our forums here as we are trying to grow the site and make it a place for others to share ideas, thoughts, tips and tricks.  Shoot me a line in one of the comment boxes or send me an email at rctechguy(at)gmail(dot)com.