Tristania 3D Project begins


So right around black friday, I decided to pull the trigger on a couple of planes - the Durafly EFX racer and the Hobbyking Tristania.  I already have the EFX racer built and just haven't had a single good stretch of weather at the same time that I have had time to fly as you guys know how that goes.  However, I did get a chance this weekend to get started unboxing the Tristania and starting the build process.

Just a few of the first pics of the initial part of the build below:


Unfortunately, as cheap as the Tristania was from Hobbyking, it makes up for it in the time required to build this plane.  It looks like the documentation says around 3 hours.  I ran into an issue already today that will up my build time as I found out the extra bottle of foamsafe CA I had sitting on the bench was dried up.  So I will be waiting on some CA to come in.

However, I am excited about this plane.  It looks like it will be a fun slow fly 3D plane for those "no wind" days or indoor venues for sure.  I figure we will have a few more weeks of colder winter weather to take advantage of some indoor flying.  As mentioned, the build of the Tristania is pretty involved as you have to bevel several foam surfaces, install carbon in multiple control surfaces, as well as the electronics install itself.

This certainly leaves me wishing for the easy build of the Durafly EFX for sure!  However, as I am already seeing the Tristania is going to be one of those really tweakable and highly precision 3d and pattern fliers that will be extremely rewarding to fly as long as the build goes carefully and smoothly.

I really love the slow flying foamy type 3d planes as there is just something really as cool to me about flying ultra slow as there is about flying ultra fast with a high performance plane.  The slow 3d planes equally take as much skill or more to fly.  Anyways, I am excited about this one.

I pulled the trigger on some CA glue last night along with a few other items that I am needing, so this post will be continued in just a few days.  Stay tuned!