My RC Scratchbuilding work bench


I thought I would share something a little bit different with this post.  Instead of showing you a new scratchbuild project, I wanted to show everyone my RC scratchbuilding station where I actually work on my scratchbuilds and RC planes in general.  I have been putting this together and moving things out of the garage to a dedicated room in the house with a bench, tools, light, shelf, etc.  Having your tools and everything at your fingertips makes building and working on anything much nicer.  I didn't realize how unorganized I was until I started looking at where I had everything placed and what I couldn't find when I needed it.

It doesn't take much money to setup a nice station to do all of your work.  Most likely you have all the other tools you need.  Most of us are guilty of getting all the tools and other materials first and then trying to figure out a place to actually use them all.  Below are a list of things that I bought relatively cheaply and that makes things very nice in your scratchbuilding endeavors.

  • 6-foot folding table from Home Depot - $40
  • Cutting Mat from Wal-Mart - $30
  • LED desk lamp - $15
  • Shelf and brackets from Home Depot - $13
  • Plastic container with drawers from Home Depot - $20

Below are pics I took of the station.  It is not quite as organized as I want it to be yet, but it is getting there.  This will hopefully give others some ideas as to setting up a work area to scratchbuild and work on their RC models.  I know many of you probably have an awesome setup already in place.  Please comment below with links to pics or websites you may have detailing your work spaces.




Take a look at my video overview: