New Monster Hawk V2 build and overview


So after having built my first "Monster Hawk" out of a Dynam Hawk Sky, I wanted to build another Monster Hawk with beefier supports as well as try a different flavor of the Grayson Hobby Monster Jet motor, this time, the 2200KV version which is rated for 4 cell implementation with a 7x5 prop.  I started with the same platform which I believe to be one of the best all around platforms out there, the Dynam Hawk Sky.  Grayson Hobby sells this in a PNP version which is even cheaper and can be had for under $100.  This includes the stock motor, ESC, servos, and basically everything you would need to fly it out of the box besides a receiver and radio.

As I found in building the first iteration of this plane with the Monster Jet motor, this plane can achieve speeds over 110 MPH in level flight, with my personal best that I had seen of 116 MPH.  However, I felt like this plane could do even more.  I would like to see it break the 120 MPH mark to be satisfied.  However, all in all, this is a great platform and with the Monster Jet it is loads of fun.

UPDATESo I scrapped the idea of the 7X5 is really punchy, however, the torque roll using this prop is a bit too much for the Hawk Sky frame.  The 6x5.5 prop is really the sweet spot for this plane and the speed run that I have done in testing (without GPS) to dial things in feels very fast.  I will get a GPS on this soon to see where the speed is compared to my other Monster Hawk build.

The following are a few pics of the build of the plane, basically just unboxing and piecing things together.

This is a pic of the Monsterjet 2200kv motor right out of the box: