Getting closer to 120Mph with the Monster Hawk


Well today was beautiful weather here for flying and I decided to run the Monster Hawk for breaking 120Mph.  Just a little bit of background, I have been trying to break the 120 mark with the Monster Hawk I affectionately call it for a while now.  With a 4-cell battery the monsterjet motor is able to push the Hawk to around 108-110 Mph without a problem.

I have tried both versions of the Monsterjet and was running the 2400 KV motor on a 4 cell for a while, however, this version of the monsterjet is not rated for 4 cells.  However, Grayson Hobby has a 2200KV variant of the motor that is rated for 4 cell flight.  I am not quite sure this motor however is as potent as the 2400KV motor.  I have not tried the 2400KV version on a 5 cell as I was afraid two steps up from what it is rated may be a bit too much, but I may pull out all the stops if my runs on the 2200 KV version don't pan out.

I am running a 2200mAh Zippy Lipo 5 cell for today's top speed run.  The weather was perfect for flight today - highs were in the upper 50's, so a little chilly which is perfect for cooling components, especially at approaching 120!  Well as you will see in the video I didn't quite make it.  The top run reached 114 Mph.  I was a little bit disappointed as I was hoping to see maybe even 115 to make me feel like it was a little bit closer to 120, however, it was 114.

As I stated earlier, I am thinking about giving the 2400KV version a go at the 120 mark.  The 5 cell will most likely push the envelope of what this version of the motor can hold, but I think a few short bursts may not end in disaster.  But hey, if we can't push the envelope in these types of tests, what fun would there be in that?

Well, sit back and enjoy all the run in its glory below.  I apologize for the distance away from me on the video footage.  With the plane this fast, it gets out of sight very quickly.  More to come on this project soon...